2018 John Deere Standard Straight Blade, 183 cm (72")

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John Deere
Standard Straight Blade, 183 cm (72")



Standard Straight Blade, 183 cm (72")

Standard-Duty Straight Blades Quick-attaching front blades have replaceable cutting edges, skid shoes, power lift and three-position angling. Available plow markers enable operator to easily see blade edges.

Key Features
  • Provides the capability to blade light materials or remove snow
  • Manually angled, three-position 72-in. front blade
  • Quick and easy installation
  • The frame and wiring harness, which were designed for the quick and easy installation
  • The Implement lift frame kit, which uses four attaching points and cotter key pins
  • The lift switch, which can be installed either on the instrument panel or between the seats
  • The Hydraulic implement lift kit, which allows for the easy lowering and raising of the blade
  • Not compatible with a 1-1/4-in. or 2-in. front receiver hitch or multi-mount winch on an HPX diesel, XUV 850D Utility Vehicle. The XUV 855D Utility Vehicles have a standard front hitch that is compatible with blade mounting parts.

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